A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

House Call is a short stealth-exploration game where you play as an elderly woman's pet cat desperately trying to get out of a visit from her grandchildren unbothered. 



Knock things over like some kind of animal. 

Explore your home and neighborhood as the seasons change, and try to relax a little in this small approximation of a cat's life. 


HouseCall.zip 381 MB
HouseCallMacBuild.zip 347 MB
HouseCallLinuxBuild.zip 349 MB

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Super adorable!

Those children terrified me! Made me think twice about all those times I chased my cats around the house as a toddler. 

and people play thi cuz it so fun

this game is soo fu

Did anyone play this?? Cause i wanna know and not be the ONLY PERSON who playe