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Super adorable!

Those children terrified me! Made me think twice about all those times I chased my cats around the house as a toddler. 

i played! and like it, but when the timer runs out it says they caught me. is there not a way to win?

thanks for trying out the game! is it specifically the clock at the top left of the screen, or could it be the hunger meter at the top right running out that's causing a losing condition? 

ohhh a hunger meter?! i didnt know. im trying right now and will try to find some food i guess?

wow. i had only played this first spring (inside) level. and while that was awesome, i was blown away when i made it to the outside. the peacocks, deer at the playground, butterflies. you put so much work into this. it is beautiful!!!

thank you so much!!

and people play thi cuz it so fun

this game is soo fu

Did anyone play this?? Cause i wanna know and not be the ONLY PERSON who playe